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PPP/P3/Infrastructure Financial Modelling and Transaction Analysis - Training course

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PPP/P3/Infrastructure: Financial modelling and transaction analysis will enable you to develop flexible and transparent models for PPP/P3 infrastructure projects such as toll roads, rail and social infrastructure. Tailored to North American
PPP/P3 project structures, this course will provide modelling techniques required for investors, sponsors, developers and bankers.

Case study - PPP/P3: practical financial modelling workshop

With the use of a real life case study, you will have hands-on experience in how to go from a blank Excel workbook to a successfully executed P3/PPP transaction model. Using Corality’s best practice modelling methodology, SMART, you will gain a deep understanding of funding structures, debt mechanics, risk metrics, cash flow waterfalls and essential scenario analysis.

This financial modelling course will enable you to:

  • Develop skills to take a blank spreadsheet to financial close of a PPP/P3 transaction
  • Understand typical VBA applications for PPP/P3
  • Learn flexible modelling techniques for debt analysis, covenants, financial statements and investment metrics
  • Master transparent and flexible modelling with a focus on professionally styled analysis for communication
  • Implement a powerful framework for scenario analysis in investment, structuring and risk analysis
  • Understand the financial modelling implications of industry metrics, funding mechanics, risk analysis and legal structures


Do you build/analyse PPP/P3 Infrastructure project finance models?

If you need to build, review or analyse project finance models within the of PPP/P3 infrastructure sector, this course is for you. Typical attendees include to investors, sponsors, developers, and bankers working with North American projects structures.

Required knowledge: Excel, Finance and the PPP/P3 Infrastructure sector

It is expected that participants have a previous exposure to Excel in a financial modelling context and foundation knowledge of investment concepts such as NPV and cash flows.

Learn the basics of project finance

For a fundamentals course in project finance, take Project Finance: Concepts & Applications

Best practice financial modelling courses

Corality’s project finance modelling courses are run publically in a number of cities across the globe and in the USA. Some of the courses include Advanced Project Finance Modelling in New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

To see a full list of Corality’s training courses go to the training portfolio and the training schedule shows you a list of all the upcoming courses in your region.

Financial modelling tutorials – a free resource library

For free financial modelling resources visit the SMART Campus. The extensive library full of analytical insights will help you to reduce risk in your models.

Corality’s project finance modelling courses are run publically in a number of cities. Some of the more popular locations and courses include best practice project finance modelling in Sydney, Advanced Project finance modelling in New York, and London financial modelling courses. For an extensive list, see Corality’s training courses and schedules.

What is financial modelling and how can you learn more?

For a deeper understanding of Corality’s approach to financial modelling and SMART, we recommend reviewing and downloading some of our financial modelling tutorials from the SMART Campus. Many of the free examples are inspired by content from our training courses in financial modelling and project finance, and from Valuation modelling and theory.

Visit SMART Campus – financial modelling examples

The SMART Campus, Corality’s library of project finance and modelling tutorials, holds a range of Project Finance related examples, such as the DSRA, LLCR, and DSCR.

Visit Corality SMART Campus.


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