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ModelOff crowns a new financial modelling champion in 2014

ModelOff crowns a new financial modelling champion in 2014

Congratulations to the finalists for ModelOff’s Financial Modelling World Championship finals in New York.

On Sunday 7th December, Rickard Wärnelid, Group CEO and Haydn Palliser, Managing Director EMEA attended ModelOff Financial Modelling World Championship at Microsoft headquarters in New York City. We are pleased to have played a part in the Financial Modelling World Championship. It proved an enjoyable way for Corality consultants to extend their knowledge of financial modelling in Excel to help financial modelling enthusiasts excel (pun intended) their skills.

The end of the Financial Modelling World Championship was held in an enviable location and was a gruelling event. It was held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Times Square, New York. Sixteen finalists, representing various parts of the globe, attended to have a chance at the cash prize.

ModelOff Financial Modelling World Champion winner for 2014

A huge congratulations to Diarmuid Early, Deutsche Bank USA, for winning the championship to be crowned as the financial modelling world champion and hats off to Hong Kong competitor Alvin Wood taking out second place. Peter Suen, Australia and Michael Clarke, New Zealand sharing third place. Well done to all of the finalists for coming so far in the Financial Modelling World Championship competition.

Image: The winner of ModelOff, Diarmuid Early

The ModelOff finals were wrapped up with a live financial modelling challenge called “Excel Golf”. The participants aimed to construct the shortest character solution to financial modelling challenge. This proved to be an entertaining and interactive session which showed off some world-class innovation of mod() and range formulas. While not always recommended as best-practice financial modelling, it highlighted the participants’ superior technical skills.

Financial modelling tutorials - solutions for ModelOff

As the global learning partner for the Financial Modelling World Championships, we provided contestants with a number of learning opportunities through solutions that we prepared for past questions. Many of the finalists used Corality’s worked solutions to ModelOff’s past financial modelling questions to provide them with a better understanding of the skills required in the final rounds. We also provided solutions to round one case study and round two case study. The participants expressed appreciation for the worked solutions to give them the confidence when it counted.

Not surprisingly, the pressure over the two testing rounds was immense. When it was time for the live streaming to commence, the group of finalists were exhausted. Many people had run out of time completing the challenges and had very low confidence of their chance of winning the competition.

Rickard Wärnelid, Group CEO, presented a key note address in the NYSSA 'Titans of Innovation' on the topic 'enterprise level standardisation of infrastructure financial models for funds management'. His address focused on the conflicting requirements from Analysts and Risk Managers in regards to structure/flexibility. The presentation complemented the other key note addresses that were focused on clever Excel techniques for complex situations.

It was a great weekend in the company of some of the finest financial modellers in the world. Dinners, drinks events, helicopter rides - this was a weekend to remember! It is now time for all of the finalists to have a well-deserved rest.

We are looking forward to 2015! If you are looking for better luck next year, it is never too early to prepare. View the 9 essential skills for world champions insight to help secure your spot in next year's finals.

Marianna shamoun
by Marianna shamoun

Marianna works in Corality’s marketing team, focusing on development and publication of financial modelling related blogs and tutorials. She also supports Corality’s financial modelling Training Academy with course materials, and project finance modelling case studies.

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