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The OFFSET( ) function returns a cell (or range of cells) that is a specified number of rows and/or columns from the reference cell. In this tutorial we will explain the most common OFFSET( ) applications, and mistakes that are often made using this function in Microsoft Excel.

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Average DSCR in financial modelling

There are two different ways to calculate the average debt service coverage ratio (ADSCR) that could result in different numerical outcomes. What are the methods, what are the limitations that we should be aware of and which one should be used?

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Best practice financial modelling - Organisational benefits of implementation

Financial modelling, unlike other areas of finance, is unregulated and lacks generally accepted practice guidelines. Combined with the purpose of most financial models, this means that model risk is a very real concept. Accordingly, the majority of the world’s financial modellers’ work without structure and industry accepted standards regarding acceptable quality, methodology and discipline when developing and reviewing financial models. Imagine if the same were true in the legal, accounting, engineering or medical fields!

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Cash sweep analysis in project finance

Stand-alone cash sweep analysis is an alternative metric for refinance risk and repayment ability in cash flow models for project finance. This tutorial outlines the key features of a modelling cash sweep calculation and its application in analysis of a project finance model.

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Benefits of using excel shortcuts: get your shortcut sheet

Corality’s Excel shortcut sheet is one of our free materials. We’re proud to share it as part of our passion to spread the best practice modelling message.

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