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Goal seek function in excel

Goal Seek is a very powerful tool in Excel for finding break-even points or to perform tailored what-if analysis.

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Use LOOKUP to replace VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP functions in Excel

One of the most useful functions available in Excel is the LOOKUP function. This allows you to take any value entered, find it in a data range, then return a value or information from that same data range without having to scroll through a list.

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CFADS – Cash flow available for debt service

A project’s cash flow available for debt service (CFADS) is analysed by project lenders (senior debt banks) to determine debt sizes and repayment criteria. CFADS is an important measure that determines debt repayment calculations and ratios including debt service coverage ratio (DSCR), loan life coverage ratio (LLCR) and project life coverage ratio (PLCR).

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LLCR - Loan life coverage ratio

The loan life coverage ratio or loan life cover ratio (LLCR) is one of the most commonly used debt metrics in project finance and also often used in corporate debts. Unlike period-on-period measures such as the debt service cover ratio (DSCR), the LLCR provides the lenders with a measure of the number of times the project cash flow over the scheduled life of the loan can repay the outstanding debt balance.

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Debt sculpting to target DSCR without VBA

Debt sculpting is a commonly used term in project finance. It means that the principal repayment obligations have been calculated to ensure that the principal and interest obligations are appropriately matched to the strength and pattern of the cash flows in each period.

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