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Wall Street Prep partnership brings a new dimension to the Corality Training Academy

Wall Street Prep partnership brings a new dimension to the Corality Training Academy

Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, Corality Financial Group and the prestigious Wall Street Prep in the United States have joined forces to provide market leading financial modelling training solutions world-wide to project finance professionals, investment bankers, finance professionals and students.

Financial modelling training partnership

Corality and Wall Street Prep have entered into a partnership to deliver the most comprehensive training offering in the financial modelling industry. Through the partnership, Corality’s clients benefit from a more comprehensive solution to their training requirements. By offering a combination of classroom, online and tailored corporate in-house courses, Corality can now deliver incredibly flexible and targeted training results, a stronger course portfolio in the investment banking segment, a more frequent schedule of courses in the U.S., and a world-leading online training platform.

For Wall Street Prep, this partnership also creates new opportunities for their clients and associated industries. By leveraging Corality's deep experience and market reputation for project finance modelling, they can work closer with existing clients looking to increase their knowledgebase.

“With deep expertise and experience in financial modelling training programs for investment banks, corporates and individuals, we are delighted to extend our course portfolio to the project finance segment, as this is a strong growing trend in the U.S. Our client base of tens of thousands of finance professionals are now increasingly looking to strengthen their skills in project finance modelling, P3 /PPP, renewable energy and infrastructure – and we are proud to work alongside Corality Financial Group to fill this gap in the U.S. market”, Matan Feldman, Wall Street Prep, Founder and Managing Director.

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Extending project finance modelling training courses to investment banking

"We are very excited about the benefits this partnership will bring to our clients. We have traditionally had a niche focus on infrastructure, renewable energy, utilities and natural resources, supported by a series of training courses in project finance, P3/PPP, corporate finance, Excel analytics, standardisation and visual basic for applications (VBA). The new partnership allows us to work closer with clients with a broader focus in investment banking, leveraged buyout (LBO), oil and gas, accounting, real estate, bank and financial institution group (FIG) and restructuring – either through public, class-room style courses in the U.S., corporate (in-house) training solutions worldwide, or through the new online training platform”, explains Rickard Wärnelid, Group CEO of Corality Financial Group.

Online financial modelling courses bring a new dimension to Corality's training programs

With increasing requirements from organisations and individuals to meet more flexible and cost-effective financial modelling training solutions, it has been a priority for Corality to develop a high-calibre service offering for online financial modelling training. Wall Street Prep’s online training platform allows individuals to progress at their own pace through a series of courses, and for HR professionals and managers to monitor and support their organisations. A suite of learning tools such as quizzes, progress reports and speed vs. accuracy estimates provide unmatched insights into student developments throughout the learning process.

Multi-modal financial modelling training: Online + Classroom + Corporate

“There is a strong trend in the business sector towards multi-modal training and our partnership with Wall Street Prep will ensure we tick all the boxes for online, classroom and corporate in-house solutions for companies of all sizes, in all industry sectors”, notes Ben Kwan, Associate Director at Corality Training Academy.

Mr. Kwan leads the training academy team at Corality and is responsible for developing the course portfolio, content and schedule. He explains, “In the early stages of the partnership we will offer Wall Street Prep’s suite of investment banking courses online, and in the future we will aim to explore opportunities to eventually bring Corality’s project finance and industry specialist courses to the platform. Corality is committed to providing the best possible solution to our clients’ needs. By extending our knowledge through the Wall Street Prep partnership, we can offer our clients the perfect solution in a range of industry specific topics including private equity, equity research, LBO, investment banking, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A).” 

Corality Financial Group opens office in New York

“Our alliance with Wall Street Prep is timed to coincide with the recent opening of our New York office located at 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 2nd Floor, New York, NY 10019, USA. We have experienced significant demand for increased expertise in project finance modelling in the U.S. and Latin American markets over the last 18 months, and our office in New York is the first step in this important regional expansion to start catering to these needs. Working alongside Wall Streep Prep to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive training solutions is a very exciting step for Corality. The initial feedback from our largest clients in the region has been tremendous, in particular, for the online financial modelling training platform”, Haydn Palliser, Managing Director Americas, Corality Financial Group.

About Wall Street Prep - Financial modelling courses for investment banking

Wall Street Prep was established by investment bankers to enhance the competitive profile of students who seek a career in the financial services industry. Their self-study courses and live seminars are used by thousands of undergraduates, MBAs, investment bankers, and other finance professionals. Each program is designed to deliver the financial skills that will give a student or professional the competitive edge as they pursue their career goals. Their client’s include top investment banks, private equity firms, investment funds and business schools.

Wall Street Prep partnership with CoralityTraining Academy

About Corality Training Academy - Financial modelling training courses

The Corality Training Academy assists organisations in implementing a standardised approach to Excel and financial modelling. Through our public and tailored in-house courses, we share the knowledge and dedication that has made us a global authority on best practice financial modelling - an approach relied upon by over 4,000 people worldwide. We give you confidence when it counts, as all our courses are built upon SMART, our best practice financial modelling methodology. Our consulting experience underpins our training course development. All of our trainers are active industry professionals. Whether you’re at entry or board level, our courses will help you build your financial modelling capabilities throughout your career - giving you the analytical tools you need to succeed in your field.