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Corality's global expansion brings financial modelling to New York


Corality Financial Group has opened a new office in New York, managed by Haydn Palliser, Managing Director Americas.

Renewable energy and infrastructure drive financial modelling and project finance demand in the U.S.

The rapid development of US Infrastructure has been pivotal to our decision to open a new office in New York. Corality’s initial successes in the region were experienced with our global clients who increasingly focus on the United States Infrastructure market. We are proud to have worked with clients including IFM, Bilfinger Berger, Macquarie and Plenary in this exciting and rapidly developing industry segment. With more than 20 projects completed, we have an unquestionable track record which supports further growth and recruitment.

In the renewable energy space, we have seen a number of initiatives that have accelerated the project development in the wind and solar sectors. The current regime of tax driven incentives often requires a substantial amount of financial modelling to ensure robust understanding of cash flow projections. This aligns well with our SMART financial modelling methodology and our experience from Australia, South Africa and Europe where the dynamics are similar with some regional specifics. Obama’s clean energy plan may further accelerate developments, something we are excited to be a part of.

Strong demand for financial modelling services in the Americas

Over the last two years, we have experienced significant growth in demand of financial modelling services in the Americas, particularly from the United States and Canada. We have developed deep relationships in the infrastructure and renewables sectors, with local and international banks and developers.
We have grown to be an established participants with client projects focused on model development and financial model audits in the PPP/P3 infrastructure and utilities sector, development models for renewable energy (wind and solar) and training courses in project finance modelling, infrastructure and valuations.

Closer working relationship improves service delivery

Some of our services (i.e., financial model audits) can be delivered, successfully, remotely without daily physical interaction with clients. However, model development requires a closer relationship, so we are now taking the next step towards our clients by opening an office in New York. This will enable us to be more flexible with project scoping meetings, workshop arrangements and training course scheduling, which will benefit our clients significantly. Additionally, our clients in Latin America and Canada will experience benefits through a more consistent overlap of time zones, compared to working with our colleagues in Sydney or London. We can now manage our American projects in your time zone and are additionally able to utilise our London and Sydney officer to make the most of a 24 hour working day.

Project finance modelling training courses in the U.S. and Canada

As part of the office opening we have increased our schedule of financial modelling courses in the US and Canada. We have scheduled project finance modelling courses, infrastructure/P3/PP and renewable energy financial modelling courses in Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, New York and Toronto.

Haydn Palliser, Managing Director Americas

Responsible for our New York office is Haydn Palliser, Managing Director Americas. Haydn initially joined Corality Financial Group in Sydney, and has now moved to New York following two years in the London office.

Contact details:

Haydn Palliser
Managing Director Americas
P +1 646 837 8787
M +1 646 771 5937

1350 Avenue of the Americas, Fl 2,
New York, NY 10019,
United States