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Launching the Corality Alumni Program

Launching the Corality Alumni Program

To provide previous course participants in the Corality Training Academy opportunities for life-long learning, we are launching the Corality Alumni Program with a program of activities aimed at promoting lifelong learning.

Establishing the Corality Alumni Program for our previous course participants

We have had more than 4,500 people participate in public courses run by the Corality Training Academy, and another 1,000 plus participants in courses hosted by companies. Over the years this Alumni group has sent us an enormous volume of requests for more learning opportunities, ways to collaborate with industry peers, networking events and other ways to stay on top of the financial modelling game.

As another step in our mission to improving financial modelling all over the world, or Raising the Bar as we call it, we are now establishing the Corality Alumni Program for our previous course participants. So, regardless of when you attended a course (even if it was several years ago), you are now a member of this exclusive network.


First up, financial modelling networking events in London, New York and Sydney

We will kick off this program with a series of Networking Events, with the first series to be hosted early in 2016 in London, New York and Sydney. We look forward to meeting with our Alumni Network to hear your ideas on how we can best help you in Raising the Bar of financial modelling. We will aim to give you a better contact network, stronger technical insights, an updated view on current industry challenges – all while having fun in a friendly environment with like-minded people.

All events will be on a “+1 basis”, to allow you to bring a colleague, friend or industry contact to share you discussions and learning experiences. This way you get more out the events, and we get satisfaction from increasing the understanding of good financial modelling practices all over the world.

We want you to learn and grow with Corality over your whole career, and as such all events are free of charge for previous and future course participants.


Help us understand how we can help you

We are at the early stages of developing a schedule of events for the Corality Alumni Program (or CAP for short) and would like to invite you to share your ideas.

Ideas that have been discussed include

  • Financial modelling webinar series hosting industry experts in Renewables, Infrastructure, Natural Resources etc.
  • Short tips and tricks styled videos for common challenges
  • Professional development seminars on current industry topics
  • Regular modelling discussion “clubs” in course cities for networking, peer discussions and demonstrations
  • Smaller regional meet-ups to connect our Alumni Network in cities where we don’t have offices
  • A dedicated online discussion forum where members can exchange techniques, opinions and resources

Do you have any other (or better!?) ideas? Please let us know by clicking here!

Have you not received your invitation even though you have participated in a course? Please let us know by clicking here!