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Alternative funding for transport infrastructure conference

Alternative funding for transport infrastructure conference

Corality is proud to be the primary sponsor of the Alternative Funding for Transport Infrastructure conference in Sydney, Australia on 26 & 27 March 2014.

Globally, infrastructure is a hot topic in 2014. With numerous new infrastructure projects underway and a surge in transaction activity, we have experienced a drastic increase in demand for services related to financial modelling in the sector.

The newly elected Australian Government has promised to allocate a significant amount of Commonwealth funding to major transport infrastructure projects. Corality is supporting this timely conference, during a period of heightened interest in transport infrastructure with its nation-wide impacts and opportunities for many companies within, and peripheral to, the industry.

Corality works with infrastructure organisations, investors and asset managers to provide powerful and transparent analysis of existing infrastructure and utility assets for financial reporting, valuations, investments or re-financing. We also support project development teams and PPP/PFI bid consortia with financial modelling, commercial advice, transaction support and financial model audits to ensure that the right decisions are made at each stage of the project.

It can be challenging for infrastructure projects to balance the requirements of all stakeholders. Investment bankers want to execute a deal, accountants want to optimise depreciation rates, CFOs aim to please senior banks, while CEOs look for ways to increase the IRR. During the conference, I will shed some light on these complexities and to recommend a framework for progress.

Alternative Funding for Transport Infrastructure

Conference dates: 26-27 March 2014

Corality session:

The role of financial models in Infrastructure projects – from technical feasibility to completion.

  • Mapping of the financial modeling ecosystem
  • Financial evaluation of alternative funding options
  • Agreement between government, engineers, developers and investors

The presentation will cover a number of common challenges in financial modelling and analysis.

  • How many financial models do we need and who should ‘own’ them?
  • Which stakeholders should be consulted in the development process?
  • How to agree on a consistent framework for evaluation of transaction opportunities?

Our session revolves around a topic that we encounter every day at Corality: what is the role of a financial model in an infrastructure project? I will highlight the complex reality of developing a financial modelling ecosystem, which satisfies the diverse needs of equity, debt, government, finance, joint venture partners, analysts and management.

I look forward to presenting to you on day one of the conference, and the opportunity to meet with you at some point during the two days. If you are yet to register, please click here to go to the conference website.